I am a VARIED ARTIST, meaning I do everything from tattoo designs, to realistic portraits, to cartoons...etc. I have experience in commissioned work and am able to do a variety of styles. Please look through my gallery for examples of my work.

My pricing is as listed:
Payment info General info Small to medium commissions Small commissions Medium commissions Large commissions Comics Logos

Payment info
*Generally, I charge about $10 USD each hour I spend on the commission. This is how I usually determine my prices. Please see below for more specific pricing.
* All amounts are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.
* Each image must be paid 50% in advance after signing of contract and before work begins, no exceptions.
* Official PayPal Seal Paypal and traveler's cheques are the only methods of payment. Send to little_l3il2d@yahoo.com or ask for an address for traveler's cheques.
General Info
* All sizes are at 300dpi resolution. Full colour, RGB mode.
* You get to see the sketch, and at least one paint WIP for larger images.
* The bigger and more complex the picture, the longer they will take. Please be understanding when it comes to the completion time.
* I retain all copyright to the artwork. Where I have drawn your character you retain copyright to the character. You may NOT use the artwork commercially without prior arrangements with me.

Small to medium commissions:
* Simple character portraits only
* You MUST provide me solid descriptions and good reference images
* Be as detailed as you want but keep in mind I don't like reading a whole essay, and I'd be more likely to miss some things if it's too long.
* Reference images: provide LINKS, not email attachments unless I ask for it. 5 good ones would be quite sufficient.
* Prices are always negotiable. If you want more or less of something, talk to me and we'll work something out.

Small commissions:
Head - $20 $10!, no background,~18 square inch
Bust - $30 $15!, includes simple background, ~27 square inch
-Extra details, props, accessories etc: $5 - $10

Medium commissions:
Half body to 3/4 - $40, simple pose/angle, ~36 square inch
Full body - $60, simple pose/angle (standing, facing front), ~45 square inch
-Specific poses: $10 - $20
-Extra figures: $40 each
-Extra details, props, accessories: $10 - $30
-Background - from $10 upwards

Large commissions:
* These will be more stand-alone, highly finished images
* Full digital paintings from ~96 square inch upwards
* For more character-oriented pieces, use the above portrait prices as a rough guideline but these may be a lot more expensive because of higher level of finish.
* Anything else, contact me for an estimate.

* Pencil Only - $10
* With Digital Inking - $20
* With Color - $40

Starts at $100 USD depending on complexity.

The commissions will be completed depending on complexity.
I look forward to working with you,

Jennifer Yu

little_l3il2d@yahoo.com (please include "Commission" in the subject so I don't delete it as spam)